The staff capacity building in charge of managing cooperation is done through initial modular training and 3 thematic training of trainers seminars. These are aimed at the 3 main target groups benefiting from international opportunities, namely, students in the broad sense, academic and non-academic staff, being “internationalization at home” initiatives, across-the-board themes.

Training and exchange of good practice visits will integrate the training of future HEI trainers and cooperation agents from partner countries. To this end, three people from each HEI in the South of the Mediterranean participating in the project have the possibility of training by visiting the other partner HEIs (1 European and 2 from the Maghreb).

Staff capacity building is completed and extended within own universities and to other local HEIs through training seminars at local level (3 workshops by HEI from participating partner countries), where staff trained during previous activities will become trainers and transfer their knowledge, experience and know-how to other future agents of international cooperation and exchanges.

In total, more than 20 IRO staff from the HEIs of partner countries will participate in the modular training and the 3 trainer training seminars and 18 will complete their training with training visits. During the 3 local training workshops, 120 people from HEIs in partner countries will be trained.

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